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This intimacy podcast gives guidance and inspiration for navigating the paradoxical issues around love and sex. On the show, we’ll be covering topics like sexless marriages, the intimacy-desire paradox, how trauma affects our sex lives, a detailed look at female orgasms, how to reconnect with our authentic selves, and many more fascinating sexuality topics. As a bonus, indulge in seasonal sexy stories to keep your erotic imagination alive.


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Episode 21: Hidden Meanings of Sexual Fantasies – Pt 1 – If you’re the least bit curious to know where your biggest sexual fantasies probably come from, I promise you’ll want to hear this one. On this two-part episode, I explain how and why we create our sexual fantasies by exploring the deeper, pathogenic beliefs that we develop about ourselves in relation to our primary caregivers in childhood, and how something you might least expect is the one necessary ingredient to becoming sexually aroused. WATCH VIDEO HERE (click here for show notes)
Episode 20: Come Sh** Next to Me: Coprophilia & Homoeroticism – My online dating connoisseur is back to tell about a couple of her more surprising encounters, namely a couple of suitors’ preferences for coprophilia (a sexual affinity for defecation, i.e. poop) and homoeroticism (a same-sex attraction, but not necessarily acted upon). These are 2 distinct topics we discuss and therefore have nothing to do with each other in this context so let’s not equate them together. (click here for show notes)
Episode 19: Her Little Red Thong – Today’s episode is another erotic story about a hot college student named Russ who finally hooked up with his sexy gym crush late one night after a sweaty workout. (click here for show notes)
Episode 18: Millennials & Sex: How Sexuality & Relationships Are Evolving – Singer/songwriter Albert Angarita and I talk about how sexuality, relationships, dating, and marriage is changing in the millennial age with more access to information, educational tools, and historical archives that allow us to make better decisions in life and love. We discuss power, privilege, and expanding our consciousness to become more evolved as human beings. My guest Albert Angarita is an incredibly talented bilingual Spanish singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, writer, poet, public speaker, and martial arts/taekwondo champion. Watch our video conversation here! (click here for show notes)
Episode 17: Sex & Love When You Are Sick – Today I’m talking with a sex therapist who treats patients and couples facing chronic illness and sexual dysfunction. His upcoming book, Sex & Love When You Are Sick, addresses strategies to overcome shame and sexual limitations from the illness. We also talk polyamory, monogamy, and sexual communication. For more information, visit (click here for show notes)
Episode 16: Sex & Dating with a Disability – Today I talk openly with a man who became paralyzed from a car accident, leaving him in a wheelchair, and how it reconstructed his his sex and dating life. (click here for show notes)
Episode 15: Gym Sex with the Boss | Sexy Story – Today’s sexy story is about a hot, young personal trainer and his boss having sex at the gym, where he learns exactly how to please this older woman. (click here for show notes)
Episode 14: Open Relationships & Non-Monogamy – Hear from a couple who has successfully navigated an open relationship after ending dying marriages, finding sexual freedom, and transitioning from serial monogamy to consensual non-monogamy. (click here for show notes)
Episode 13: Abuse, Trauma, & Me – Many of us don’t realize how deeply affected our present-day selves are by the abuse, trauma, and pain from our pasts. Today, I’m sharing my personal experience with these icky topics, but within it there is hope, gratitude, and light. (click here for show notes)
Episode 12: Porn, Masculinity, and Authenticity – Today, I talk with an academic researcher about how porn isn’t living up to its full potential as a tool to ignite eroticism and sexual exploration. We discuss how to bring authenticity and responsibility to our consumption of porn in an industry that’s influencing (and mirroring) men’s sense of masculinity and their attitudes about women. (click here for show notes)
Episode 11: The Sex Appeal of Older Women – Listen to an online dating connoisseur as she recounts how dating apps have revolutionized sexual fantasies, specifically her experiences as an older woman dating younger men. (click here for show notes)
Episode 10: 9 Predictors of Divorce – By using these 9 predictors of divorce, researchers can tell with 85% accuracy within just a few minutes if a couple is going to make it long term or not. This research comes from 20 years of studying couples’ relationships across all racial groups, income levels, social classes, and sexual orientations. (click here for show notes)
Episode 9: Swingers and Salvation | Sexy Story – This erotic story illuminates a lively couples that tries a swinger’s club for the first time to invite more passion into their love lives after 20 years of marriage together. (click here for transcription)
Episode 8: A Ménage à Trois in Paris | Sexy Story – Today’s show is another sexy, shorty story about a one woman’s sexual liberation unexpectedly found through a ménage à trois in Paris. (click here for transcription)
Episode 7: Signs You’ve Lost Yourself in a Relationship & What To Do About It – Today we take a HIS & HERS approach to the issue of losing yourself in a relationship. As a married couple who has been through it and survived, we’ll cover what the signs are that you’ve become unhappy in your relationship and what you can do about it. Maybe your partner has lost themselves and you want to know how to help – we’ll cover that, too. (click here for transcription)
Episode 6: Tattoos and Temptation – Today, we’re sharing another sexy story to awaken your erotic imagination. This one is about a conservative Southern gentleman who finds himself unexpectedly crushing on his seductive tattooed bartender, leading to a steamy night of shower sex. (click here for transcription)

Episode 5: Your Sexual Accelerator and BrakesHave you ever wondered where your arousability comes from? Or in other cases, where it’s gone? Let’s talk about how your brain controls your ability to respond to sexually relevant stimuli (your accelerator), and how it controls your response to possible threats (your brakes). (click here for transcription)
Episode 4: A Dominatrix for DinnerWe all know an alpha male or two, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to see him on bottom? Or better yet, on his knees? Take a listen to this hot story of seductive surrender. Today, we’re sharing our sexy story of the week inspired by real people and real events. (click here for transcription)
Episode 3: Ignite Your Erotic PlayHave things turned a little stale in your relationship? Oftentimes we find ourselves devoid of passion or sexual interest in our relationships after we’ve been together a while. Today’s show will spark your erotic imagination with some practical tips to get your wheels turning, and maybe it’ll make you think back to something sexy you used to do when you were first together that you got out of the habit of doing. Remember, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. (click here for transcription)
Episode 2: The First Orgasm – Today, we’re sharing our sexy story of the week inspired by real people and real events that might encourage some playful exploration or ignite some passion to bring back to your lover. These stories are meant to awaken your erotic imagination. In this story, take a vicarious ride on a young woman’s first experience of blissed out orgasmic pleasure after falling in love for the first time. (click here for transcription)
Episode 1: Sex in Perspective – A Look Behind the Scenes – Why is sex so important? The quality of our sex and romance affects how we live our lives – and when it’s bad it becomes all consuming. Let’s explore some of the underlying layers to sex and an overview of the psychology behind our interest in sex. (click here for transcription

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