Devon Evans, host of the podcast, F*ck Like a Woman, is a sex-positive life coach with a passionate interest in sexuality and relationship issues. Studying social structures like gender, race, social class, and sexual orientation in college, Devon shaped her acute ability to communicate compassion and understanding for the human experience. Her life coaching principles are woven into her message of self-love for those who struggle with worthiness, shame, guilt, and rejection.
Twice on the brink of divorce while struggling with conflicting identities of mother, wife, career woman, and self, Devon faced some of the most life-altering choices about how she wanted her life to progress. With a family and management career to consider, Devon dug deep within herself trying to get aligned and centered with her truest self. She learned that by exploring her interests, passions, fears, and limiting beliefs, she could better articulate what she truly wanted for herself, her marriage, and her family. This relationship crisis inspired her to create the podcast.
Devon’s vision is a world where women feel emboldened to really exist inside their bodies, entitled to a healthy, robust sexuality, where their bodies aren’t treated as sexual commodities. Devon envisions men living as fully actualized human beings that are not shamed for their emotions, depth, and tenderness, where their masculinity is not threatened for being true lovers of women.
Devon’s mission in life is to teach, coach, and encourage others to embrace and live out their truest selves and highest purpose by limiting how we allow the socially constructed restrictions of our physical world to alter our choices and our destiny.


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Looking for a Love & Relationship Coach? Schedule with me online by clicking the Coaching tab above. Topics on which I coach are issues relating to marriage, dating, sexual desire, intimacy, and love. I coach women, men, and couples.


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Bedtime Stories for Adults

This isn’t your kids bedtime stories! Very erotic and informative works told by a narrated by a very sexy voice. Adult bedtime will never be the same 🙂


Love those sexy stories

I’ve heard Devon’s sexy stories and they are very well told. She has a way with words and her voice makes them even better. 😉

A Fresh Podcast for Anyone Interested in Sex

The topics are meaningful, fresh, and interesting! Can’t wait to hear more!

Lovely language

This podcast is awesome. Each episode is eye opening. As a listener, you can really picture the story unfolding. The writing keeps you invested in characters and wanting to see what pleasures await them. 💋👂🏼